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search engine optimization

search engine optimization

Working to boost a web page's ranking in search engines is called "Search Engine Optimization". Search engine ranking methods are closely guarded trade secrets. Each search engine ranks websites using different criteria. Although the exact criteria are in constant flux, websites are generally ranked for particular search phrases according to the following factors in order of importance.

  1. Links from other websites (and internally within your own website) using the chosen keywords as the link text
  2. keywords in domain name
  3. keywords in file name
  4. keywords in html title tag
  5. keywords in html heading tags
  6. keywords in body text. The higher the text appears on the page the more weight search engines give to it.
  7. keywords in image "alt" text and in "title" attributes.
  8. keywords in meta description and keyword tags

The number one thing that you could do to boost your ranking is to find other websites (especially websites with subjects related to your site) that would be willing to add a link to your website using your chosen search terms. Many sites welcome "link exchange" offers in which you can provide them with the exact text you want them to use and in return you add a reciprocal link to them on your site. This is good practice unless you are simply being added to a list of hundreds or thousands of unrelated sites in which case the search engines are likely to ignore the links anyway.

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