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the website development process

The process of designing a website may vary with the specifications of each individual project but the following represents my general flow when creating a new website.

  1. Presales: The first step in the website design and development process is to determine the needs of the client. For new website design I usually ask the client to fill out my online website development questionnaire. This questionnaire gives me a fairly detailed idea about the client's needs and expectations for the website.
  2. Website Design Proposal: Based on the questionnaire responses and any other information I receive from the client I send a detailed proposal outlining website specifications and pricing. For small projects this may be as simple as an email reply but I normally send a formal proposal in PDF format. I will modify the proposal until it meets the client's exact specifications.
  3. Website Design Contract: Upon the client's acceptance of my proposal I draw up a contract. Once I receive the initialed and signed contract, along with a deposit (usually around 20%) I begin working on the website. The website will be installed on my own server where the client may login with username and password to view the progress of the site.
  4. Website Structure: For most websites I like to start with designing the website's navigational structure. This is a simple matter of creating the website's sections or pages and adding navigation links so the client can see how the website will be set up structurally.
  5. Template Design: Next comes the phase that is usually the most time-consuming because it is a creative process: designing the "look and feel" of the website. The graphical appearance of a website is referred to as the "template", "theme", or "skin". I will usually show the client screenshot mockups of design ideas and refine the design based on client feedback. Honest and detailed client feedback is crucial to designing a template that fits the client's personality and image. If the client has not finished gathering all of the materials that they want to use on the website then they should do so while I am working on the template design.
  6. Website Content: When the website template is completed to the client's satisfaction I begin adding content such as text, images, maps, or whatever materials the client wants to display on their website. This process usually progresses very quickly if I have all of the client's materials in-hand.
  7. Final Payment: Normally I require payment of the final balance before I install the completed website on the client's server. Payment schedules are specified in the contract and may vary depending on website specifications.
  8. Website Installation: When payment clears I install the website on the client's web server. At this point I do any needed final code cleanup and check the website for errors and bugs. Note, I do not check spelling or grammar in text furnished by the client unless it is requested by the client and specified in the contract.
  9. Website Launch: The website is now up-and-running. After the website is launched I am always available to do website maintenance at my normal rates.

A note on domain name registration and website hosting: I do not offer domain name registration or website hosting but I will consult with you to determine the best service providers for your specific needs. If you do not already have a domain name or website hosting it is best if we discuss your options before you make any purchases.